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As the 15th largest container port in the world, 2nd largest port in Europe and in a radius of most of the European purchasing power. Port of Antwerp is a powerhouse. See for yourself with these records that are obtained in 2018.

Most records broken: Madrid Maersk

Madrid Maersk most records broken

The Madrid Maersk broke 2 records and is the largest container carrier ever to sail into antwerp and the second-largest container ship behind the OOCL Hong Kong. with 20,568 TEU (Also a record in the Port of Antwerp), 399 M LOA, 58.6 M Beam, 16 M maximum draught and a gross tonnage of 212,400 BT this ship was able to carry it’s containers through the port of antwerp. The company Maersk is currently taking delivery of 27 vessels like this one.


TEU 20,568 TEU
LOA 399 M
Beam 58.6 M
Maximum draught 16 M
Gross tonnage 212,400 BT

MCS Ditte

MSC Ditte

Photo: https://www.vesselfinder.com/

The MCS Ditte is a vessel sailing under the Liberian flag. This cargo ship is the vessel with the biggest beam to sail into the Port of Antwerp with 59.08 meters. With a draught of 14.9 meters it does come close to the Madrid Maersk.

Eleonora Maersk

Eleonora Maersk

The Eleonora Maersk is one of the worlds largest container ships. Made in 2006 and now sailing for Denmark it is the ship with the most draught (15.6 meters) to sail into the Port of Antwerp.

Other stats

Tonnage 170,794 BT
Length 397 meters
Beam 56 meters
Height 19.4 meters
Draught 15.9
Draft 13.1
Depth 30.20
Speed 27 knots


MSC Anna

MCS Anna

Photo: https://www.marinetraffic.com/

The Liberian vessel MCS Anna built in 2016 is the vessel with the biggest LOA of 400 meters to sail into the Port of Antwerp.

The Ever Golden

The ever golden

The ever golden is the heaviest vessel to sail into the Port of Antwerp with 217,612 BT of gross tonnage and dead weight of 218000 tonnes. The ship currently sails under the flag of Panama.

The Bao Guo

Bao Guo vessel

The Bao Guo is a bulk carrier sailing under the flag of Panama and with a cargo of 163,106 tonnes it is the highest cargo ship ever in the Port of Antwerp.

Athesis Core

Finally we have the Athesis Core which is holds the record of a DWT of 260,823.

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